Myths Surrounding Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted on: 29 June 2022

In the past, glass shower enclosures were associated with luxury establishments and high-end homes. Nowadays, the average homeowner can afford to install glass shower enclosures. However, many homeowners shy away from installing these showers because they have the wrong impression. Here is the truth about some myths about shower enclosures.

Towel Bars Can Be Added After a Glass Shower Installation

A lot of planning is involved in installing a glass shower enclosure. The professional has to take measurements of the door. It's not possible to drill holes into the glass enclosure after it has been manufactured and put in place.

Therefore, if you want to install a towel bar, you should do it before the glass shower is manufactured. Make sure you determine what other custom features you want in your glass shower enclosure before manufacturing.

Glass Shower Enclosures Are Dangerous

Many people opt for other shower installations because they fear for the safety of their family members. For example, some homeowners envision a child accidentally breaking the enclosure and hurting themselves.

Although all glass is fragile, glass enclosures are made with two kinds of safety glass: laminated glass or tempered glass. Laminated glass is also referred to as unbreakable. This type of glass consists of a single sheet of vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Therefore, the glass shards are contained inside the vinyl when the glass breaks. This minimizes the chance of a chunk piercing your skin. 

Tempered glass is stronger than traditional glass because it is manufactured at higher temperatures and rapidly cooled. In case tempered glass breaks, the shards aren't as sharp as conventional glass. Therefore, tempered glass is also less likely to cut your skin.

Glass Shower Enclosures Leak Water

Another myth about glass shower enclosures regards leaking water. Because frameless glass shower enclosures don't have a physical frame, many believe the gaps between the structure and glass will lead to water leakage. You can address this concern by investing in a framed glass shower enclosure.

However, both framed and frameless glass shower enclosures leak if improperly installed. This is why it is important to hire a professional to install the shower enclosure. The glass doors are designed to prevent water from leaking through features like buttresses, straight walls, and shower dams. 

Furthermore, before installing a glass shower enclosure, the professional will determine the amount of slope. As a result, they will install the shower to drain correctly, reducing the chance of leakage.


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