Installation Tips To Remember For Commercial Overhead Doors

Posted on: 14 November 2022

You often see a lot of commercial properties with overhead doors, whether it's because of how they move up and down or their overall durability. If you plan on setting some up on your own commercial property, here are some installation tips to follow to the letter.

Use High-Strength Fasteners For Track System

You'll first need to set up a track system before installing commercial overhead doors on your property. An important part of securing them in place is using high-strength fasteners. They need to have said design to support the weight of the track and overhead door moving up and down it.

As long as you verify each fastener has the right level of durability and strength, you can feel good about how your overhead door's track system is ultimately installed. Professional fastener recommendations are also available if you want verification before ultimately making a selection.

Focus on a Sectional Panel Design

If you want an easier time installing overhead doors on commercial property, then you might focus on sectional panel designs instead of one giant panel piece that weighs a lot. You can then complete this door install all by yourself potentially.

You'll start with the bottom panels first and then work your way up until all of the panels are secured via hinges and fasteners. As long as you go at a steady pace and ensure each panel is set up successfully, this installation can be much more manageable to deal with.

Put an Emphasis on Safety Testing After

Once you get overhead doors set up on your commercial property, the last thing you'll really want to do is perform ample safety tests. After all, you need to make sure these doors are going to remain safe to use for all of your workers for the foreseeable future.

Safety testing should involve performance assessments that let you see how these doors move along their corresponding track systems. If movement is optimal and you don't see any red flags with structural aspects, that's a good sign you've completed a safe setup. Then you'll want to have said doors inspected professionally to verify they're completely safe to use going forward.

When investing in overhead doors for a commercial property, it helps to plan out the installation. Then you'll feel much better about this setup and also be able to complete it without making a bunch of costly mistakes.

To learn more, contact a commercial overhead door installation service in your area.


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