3 Shower Trends That Are Making A Big Splash In The Design World

Posted on: 4 March 2021

Having a shower where you can relax and unwind after a long day is a complete luxury. If you are making 2021 the year that you wash all of the bad energy out of 2020, then a new bath remodel may be the perfect way to do it. In addition to getting something like a double vanity and a private bathroom, you can also get the shower of your dreams. To help you make a big splash this year, here are three shower trends that you may want to consider.

1. Oversized Shower With Tub Inside

When you think of a tub and shower combo, you may think of a traditional bath with a showerhead on the wall, but this is a whole other type of design. Imagine an oversized walk-in shower with a free-standing tub in the middle of it. Now, wouldn't that be luxurious? These fun shower and tub combos allow you to both shower in a large space and take a bath after as well. Or, if you have little kids, you can throw them in the tub right by you while you shower in peace. 

2. Large Slabs of Marble

While subway tile may always be a go-to in the world of design, things have taken a more luxurious route and more people are using large slabs of marble all over their bathrooms; especially in the shower. And while white marble is very beautiful and classic, people are using all different colors of marble slabs including those that have red, green, or even black veining in them. While marble is a really porous material, it can be used in a shower as long as it is sealed properly. 

Because slabs of marble can be on the expensive side and may not fit into your budget, consider doing large marble tile in your shower instead. A tile worker can actually lay the tiles so that they almost look like one cohesive slab. 

3. Dual Showerheads

A large shower with dual showerheads is another trend that isn't going anywhere. Because everyone was stuck at home with each other for so long in 2020, people got used to doing just about everything together, including showering, which is why dual showerheads may be the way to go. By placing a showerhead on either side of a large shower, you and your significant other can get ready next to each other every day. 

To learn more, reach out to a shower store.


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