How To Choose A Storefront Door Depending On Your Business' Location

Posted on: 29 April 2020

When you have a storefront, your front door is the first thing that everybody sees when they come to visit you. Whether you run an auto body shop, a boutique, or a dentist's office, having a door that is welcoming and functional is a must. With different types of options out there, though, you may not know where to start. Depending on the location of your storefront, one type of door may be better than the other.

Exterior Storefront Door

If you access your store from the exterior of your business then you will want to get a storefront door installed that has some really good insulation around it. The style of your storefront's exterior will determine the overall look you are going for. If it is a traditional industrial-style building, then going with an all-glass door that has a metal perimeter will suffice. If you have something that has more architectural elements, then you can go with something trendy like a steel panel door or even a wooden door.

Interior Storefront door

If you access your store on the inside of your building then a popular storefront door option is ones that are made entirely of glass. The only problem with this style of door is that it makes you more vulnerable hewn everybody walks by and can see what you're doing. If you have a waiting room in the front and you want some privacy, you can always have your glass frosted a little bit to add a layer of privacy to it.

Roll-Up Door

If you have a garage or an industrial space that you work out of, a traditional storefront door may not be necessary at all. In fact, you can just have a roll-up door (similar to a garage door) installed and then you can access everything through it. Not only will it create easy access, but it will also allow you to work on cars and other types of machinery without you having to worry about interfering with the door at all.

Once you have narrowed down your selection of storefront doors, you can go to a showroom and look at them in person. The door salesperson will show you all of the additions that you can add on like a kick plate, door hardware, and details to add to the overall aesthetic of the door. To learn more about storefront doors, reach out to a store near you and schedule an appointment with them.


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