3 Ways To Customize Your French Doors

Posted on: 27 June 2016

A great type of door to install at the rear exit to your home is a french door. You will generally have two doors installed side by side, giving you a large exit that has many added benefits. While there is a standard look to most french doors, there are still several things that you can do to customize your french doors to look how you would like them too. The options are only limited to what you can think of. This article will discuss 3 excellent ways that you can customize your french doors. 

Wood Color

A fun way that you can customize your french doors is to choose the wood color. You can go with the natural wood look if that is what you like and what matches your home, or you can have the wood stained whatever shade you think will look best. If you want to lighten things up, you can paint your doors white. Also, if you would like your door to add a fun pop of color to your home, you can paint it a bright red, blue, yellow, or whatever color you would like. You can also go with a matt or glossy finish depending on your style preference. 


Another aspect of your door that you can easily customize is the glass portion. Most doors have a wood frame and the majority of the door is made of glass. You can choose to have the glass a solid piece, or you can have horizontal and vertical wood pieces added to give the window more of a checkered look. You can have a design created within the glass as well, using different colored glass. You can also choose if you would like to have the glass translucent so that you can easily see out and get the benefits of the natural light, or if you want it more opaque so that people can't see into your home. 


Lastly, you can consider adding some blinds to your french doors if you like the idea of seeing out, but also want to have the added benefits of privacy. You can have blinds that are installed at the top of the door and hang down to cover the glass, or you can have blinds that are actually going to be built into the glass itself.  Both blinds are great options and can open and shut easily. 

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