Are Automatic Doors Worth The Cost?

Posted on: 6 September 2018


Doors that open automatically through the use of sensors are called automatic doors. These kind of doors are usually installed in commercial and industrial buildings, but recently some homeowners are now installing automatic doors in their houses. Various factors should be considered in installing automatic doors, such as the demographics of the space, the size, materials to be used for automatic doors, and lastly, the cost for repairs and maintenance.

Demographic and Space

If there are a lot of older people and persons with disabilities in the neighborhood then installing automatic doors will be justified. Commercial buildings such as convenience stores, movie houses, and restaurants can invest in automatic door repair and installation in order to attract prospective older and PWD customers. Automatic doors are also a space saver if the space of the building is limited. The space created by the traditional swing doors will be eliminated. Automatic doors can also result to energy saving because the doors will not be left unattended and will keep the cool or heat inside the building. Convenience for elderly and PWDs, maximization of space and energy savings are great advantages for commercial buildings that have automatic doors installed.

Size and Materials

Sizes and materials used for automatic doors differ from residential homes to commercial buildings. The cost for automatic door repair and installation vary from size and materials made. Automatic doors can be made of glass, timber, aluminum or steel. Timbers made automatic doors are the cheapest but it is not very stable and very hard to maintain. A steel door is the most expensive, but it's very dependable in the long run.

Repairs and Maintenance

Automatic doors must be inspected periodically in order to prevent malfunctions, accidents, and other untoward incidents in the area. Laws have been passed for the inspections and maintenance of automatic doors to ensure the safety of people using them. The cost of automatic repair and installation varies by size. The bigger the automatic doors, the higher cost will be incurred as there will be more area to cover during an inspection.

There are a lot of advantages of having automatic doors installed either in the residential homes or in commercial buildings. While it may be costly to install and maintain, the benefits in terms of demographic and space, durability of materials, and energy saving surely outweigh the costs. Speak with a specialist, such as at Access Door & Glass Inc, to determine the costs for your project. 



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